Celebrities remember Sidney Poitier following his death: 'One of the greats'

Steve Williams

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IMO one of the greatest leading man actors the industry has ever seen. Who can forget "Guess who's Coming To Dinner" or "They Call Me Mr Tibbs", or "To Sir With Love" or "Lillies Of The Field"

I cannot recall one bad film ever made by Sidney Poitier

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Sep 6, 2015
I don't think he made a bad one, the first cool Black leading man who also did...[The Long Ships- For Love Of Ivy- Buck And The Preacher] one of the true greats of the silver screen.


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Jan 20, 2013
London, UK
Watched Sidney last night and what a beautiful person he was in all walks of life. One of my all time favourite actors, I could listen to him talk all night.
Well worth your time.
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Sep 26, 2013
He made amazing movies , i love" shoot to kill " with tom berenger

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