Carver & DIY ESL two channel system

Hi all,
Below is my vintage Carver two-channel system with homebuilt ESL speakers and rack.
The signal path is from a Logitech Transporter into a Behringer DEQ2496 and DCX2496 and (4) Carver TFM-25's driving homebuilt wire-stator ESLs and homebuilt Ripol subs.

The ESLs are hybrids with a unique 'beam splitter' transmission line bass cab. And the stat panels use segmented wire stators that electrically curve the wave front; giving wider and smoother trending dispersion than a curved ESL, or even most conventional speakers for that matter. The details and build photos are shown on my webpage (link below).

Video of my 'Beam Splitter' speakers at Carverfest 2016
Jazzman's DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page

jazzmans system.jpeg
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