Can anyone compare the Lampizator Atlantic TRP and Big 7?


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May 7, 2016
I'm looking at upgrading my dac and I love that nice tubey goodness, and really enjoyed my old Lampizator Euforia I have used in the past. My budget is really up to around $10k give or take so I've narrowed it down to the Big 7 and Atlantic TRP can anyone compare the differences in sound between the two if you've heard both?

If it helps I will be using a 300B set amp and a pair of Altec 604G in oversized 620 cabinets.


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Jun 7, 2018
Lausanne, CH

Are you in the market for new unit only or used one fits the bill? Asking as for 10k you can get used GG2 which the owner can send to the factory for a detailed check up and you have 100% tip top unit. GG2 vs B7 is just a big step up in all sound departments.
If new unit is the only avenue I would say go with TRP as with proper tube set like Siemens f2a sounds stellar and will complement your 300B amps greatly.
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