Blade 2 - 1st NA dealer demo pair - I heard them!

Apr 28, 2015
Hi Steve: the quick answer to your question is yes. The Uni-Q driver is identical on both Blades. I have read some reports that listeners preferred the Two but neither I, nor a friend who also bought the Two felt there was an descernable difference in mods and highs. I am still amazed by the scale of the image they produce.
In room response does reach down to around 30hz on the Two. The original does plumb deeper. But you will be amazed what the Two can do with bass. Room placement plays a role as my bass response with the speakers 7' off the front wall is different than my friend who has his within 3' of his front wall. I prefer my setup which is in keeping with the recommendations in the user manual.
I agree with your take on KEF's ability to get the mid range just right. To my ears they also get much of the rest of the spectrum right on the Blades. They are a clear step up from the Reference series displaying significantly more capability that competes with many highly regarded more expensive options.
As I started earlier in the thread I listened to numerous well regarded alternatives before making my decision. I hope you enjoy your journey and find the speaker that satisfies your sensibilities.

Would you say the Blade2 is identical sounding to the Blade with bass output for a smaller room? I've owned a couple pair of kef Reference a pair of q and even a small pair of c10's i think and what I liked best about kef was they always get the midrange perfect and as price goes up so does resolution and frequency range. Enjoy. After nearly 30 years of kef's i'm venturing out and trying other brands and it seems each company has something to hang their hat on.

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