Back to the Beginning MM Carts. Charisma V2 Installed.


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Dec 21, 2012
I found a great deal on a Innovation with TT3 , after 15 hours of messing with it I got my Benz worn RubyH to play with no stutters or hang ups. My intended destination cart for the arm, an Azule, was mind blowing when it worked, like other worldly, but ultimately could not avoid hang ups, despite professional set up. The high ups at MS laid it out straight for me which I appreciated, but CA cart were it for perfect playback My system is built for LOMC with a 16x MC16 and a VPS100. The CA carts except the essence are .5-.6 which push my Pre to 7-8 Oclock on the pot, its poor linearity region(I am enthralled with its sound and accept its weakness). I decided to go with the Charism V2 after reading Tonepubs review. I could go right into the VPS100 , no more hum, except when I run the universal 12 and the Azule. I set it up tonight, took 1.5-2 hours, no stutters, very easy to set up. Still needs to break in, thus far, it's an adjustment, but I'm hearing the bass emerge and that magic linear soundstage appear. I am in love with this arm, best combination or audiophile extravaganza and PRAT, I've yet heard. The MM is so quiet, but my high end MC carts move the surface noise outward horizontally out of the soundstage in a pleasing manner, where the Charisma layers it front and center over the vocal. There is a nice power with this cart. I think with time it will floor me.

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