Azimuth adjustment the easy way...

I actually don't have a suggestion im looking for yours. I've always done it by sight and ear but there are better methods and devices like the fozgometer. What's your favorite method for adjusting azimuth of a phono cartridge?

keep it simple, i do have a fluke multimeter but dont own an O-scope/fully outfitted tech's bench.
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Aug 10, 2018
Southern California
A better way would be to plot each channel's output level as angle is tilted. Such a plot will show a peak at a certain angle, I would think that both plots would result in an optimum output at a given angle unless the diamond edges are at different angles relative to the cantilever/coil armature system. This would mean that the cartridge is out of spec and such a spec will vary based on manufacture care. Once the azimuth angle is optimized, any output level mismatch will be due to coil turns/alignment or magnetic system errors. For a big buck cartridge, the spec for both the tip and generator subsystems should be very tight. So, simply nulling the output of two channels, one which has been inverted, doesn't necessarily mean anything unless the rest of the system is correct.
Aug 10, 2018
Southern California
But that is exactly what Adjust+ is doing :) But not only level, phase also.

Here's a plot of the azimuth adjustment in Adjust+:

View attachment 50080

Or do I misunderstand you?
Looks good. What I was trying to describe is that the above is a solid technique but can only resolve to an acceptable solution it the cartridge diamond mount and generator are properly aligned. Tilting a diamond tip won't correct poorly manufactured devices.
Tilting a diamond tip won't correct poorly manufactured devices.
Ok, I see what you mean. I agree, there's no reference.
Well, the only reference there is is the cartridge specifications.
In this case, you even need to get the test record used for your cartridge specifications, e.g. CBS STR 100 for Lyra.
You also need to know the exact gain applied to the cartridge signal to calculate the cartridge real output.
The test record supplied with Adjust+ is riaa encoded, so that's too messy for that and it wouldn't be accurate enough.
For a 1kHz sine it works in theory, but I wouldn't trust it.

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