Axpona 2019 - Turntables and More Turntables


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Mar 4, 2014
Here's a 1 hour + video from Michael Fremer at Axpona focusing on turntables and things analog.

In the picture: that's a Master Signature on a Reed 2P arm.


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Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
Nope but only because I am happy where I've landed.

The new baby TW looks like a great value. It would surely be on my shortlist if I were looking in that price bracket and if rack space was at a premium. It would join the Parabolica.The WB would be a rather distant third. I was going to say AF5 but the pump/control box disqualifies it in the rack space saving department. High WAF lovelies for sure. Match either with a full function integrated and excellent small speakers.....killer system for condo life.
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