1. tima

    Axpona 2019 - Turntables and More Turntables

    Here's a 1 hour + video from Michael Fremer at Axpona focusing on turntables and things analog. In the picture: that's a Master Signature on a Reed 2P arm.
  2. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon at AXPONA 2019

    Gryphon Audio Designs will make a big splash at AXPONA this year. There is the world debut of a reference quality product which will be unveiled on Friday. There will be a 30 minute demo every hour, then the room will remain passive for the other 30 minutes. As there are only 20 seats for...
  3. GT Audio Works

    GT Audio Works Planar/Ribbon Speakers and Sound Insight Open Baffle Sub Woofers

    Hi All, Been kicking around other peoples threads, thought it was time I wrote my own. I'm Greg the designer /manufacturer of these loudspeakers. If anyone has any questions or comments this is the place to put 'em. Greg
  4. Believe High Fidelity

    Axpona 2018 - Who's Going

    I will be there Saturday and Sunday as a guest? Have some bandwidth outside of my business meetings to visit some rooms and snap some snazzy pictures. What should I demo while I am there?
  5. AudioFlea

    Axpona 2017 - Who's Going??

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to see who was heading to Axpona at the end of the month and what everyone is looking forward to seeing / hearing? We'll be there and hope to meet some of you in person!
  6. Part-Time Audiophile

    Axpona 2012

    We seem to be in audio show heaven these days. AXPONA was 2 weeks ago. SSI is right now. NY is in a couple of weeks. Yikes. Well, in that vein, here's some show coverage of AXPONA to noodle on. Hope to see you all in NY! Part-Time Audiophile heads to Jacksonville.

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