Aidas Panzerholz initial loading ?


Apr 19, 2022
And if anyone else is using a Nagra VPS for try phono stage.

Still working on “the horse” part:
- Need to drill the arm board
- Mount the arm on it
- Mount the terminal block

Then the cart and the settings in the phono stage.


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Jun 7, 2017
Given the 5 ohm / 0.3mV Aidas with a SUT first stage it would be typical to start with a 1:20 which gives you ~117r load. But its all very preamp dependent and system gain dependent.

Nagra lists VPS transformer input gain at a low 11db ( must be a 1:4 ?)

One of my clients with a Zesto has landed on ~300r, meanwhile RADA just created a 1:40 SUT to demo with, using an Aidas cart ( AU- CU model @ 3.5 ohms ) resulting in a 40r to 60r load depending on phono input r on their preamp ) with great results.

Looking forward to hearing what you end up preferring :)
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