Admiral solid state am fm stereophonic questions

Markus Rocinante

New Member
Dec 14, 2023
Hello there.

I'm new here and hopefully someone is able to help me. I refurbish furniture for a living and came across an Admiral solid state am fm stereophonic console and fell in love ().
I have two or maybe three questions.
1. The radio and speakers work, however I only get sound on one side (left). When I push the button that says " ch rev ", only the speakers on the right produce sound. What could cause this and how to fix it?
2. As soon as I turn on the power, the turn table starts spinning. I am able to switch it of by pushing the buttons on/off/rej, but there is still a spinning noisy sound. Can I fix this?
3. Any chance someone has a manual and is willing to send me some photos of it?
Thank you so much for any help. Very much appreciated
Greetings, Mark


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Problem #2 is solved. Yay! I just had to clean and apply some grease and oil.

I noticed another problem however. There is a constant humming sound coming from the speakers. Any idea? Thanks again!
I might be lucky. I startded wiggling the wires in the back and actually found a bundle that did influence the noise and left / right problem. Fingers crossed

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