40,000 LP Record Collection For Sale

Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
good luck finding old records sealed.
about the only specific pressings of records worth more sealed might be early MoFi titles or DCC titles for collectability purposes. not really for better sound. some people are completist in that wanting all sealed titles. or just focused on that part.

a sealed early UHRQ MoFi or maybe a few specific titles such as DSOTM sealed will command a premium.

maybe a few other early reissue pop and rock titles like that are under my radar.

but actual minty original pressings of pop and rock titles opened are worth more. 'sealed' is typically a red flag for supposedly vintage (pre-1980) pressings.
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Aug 22, 2022
good luck finding old records sealed.
Thanks. For me, Near Mint condition is good enough. But there are those SS records out there, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to create a category for them in the used items section of records. But anyway, even VG+ records that doesn't skip make no problems in auditioning if the tonearm and PU is a ruggedized version and not the type of "ultra light weight but highest resolution". Those "audiophiles"" often get problems with any type of imperfection on the record, may it be dust from the production process or static problems known as clicks and crackles.
If you drive an ultra low sports car, the road better has to be perfect. No other thing as "Autobahn" would do.
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Feb 3, 2019
My vote goes to:
2. GBH/ The exploited
3.riistetyt/ propaganda/kaaos
Sex Pistols
Social Distortion
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Bonesy Jonesy

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Jan 3, 2017
UK & Spain
Think I will just stick with only buying records I really will like or that I already have and love and want a better quality version !


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May 15, 2010
according to this website and even to the goldmine standard, still sealed (S/S) records rank higher than a mint record.
S/S doesn't mean the records have to be new, I purchased still sealed records in cellophane shrink foil that were some forty years old but never opened. And it could be exactly the same with this collection, or do you think the owner bought those directly from the factory just recently?

This is very logical as they are absolute virgin records, so called NOS. And NOS is always the highest ranking in condition and price. They are pristine and perfect, never opened, never used before.

Thanks for the link!

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