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Thread: Spike information needed for Avatar speakers

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    Spike information needed for Avatar speakers

    I purchased a beautiful pre-owned pair of Avatars a few years ago. Unfortunately they did not come with the factory spikes, and I am looking to add them after realizing a noticeable improvement a few inches of lift made on the sound. Can someone provide the dimensional specifications for the OEM units including the thread type. (metric or imperial, etc) Sadly I am away from my system at the current time otherwise I'd flip these 65lb beasts over to determine the proper thread.


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    I have a pair of Avatars in cherry. The stock spikes that come with these speakers are not threaded. They are solid stainless steel spikes made by Jeff Rowland. They are used under the Rowland Model 2 & Model 6 amplifiers. They are very sharp, and (3) are used per speaker. Rowland uses (4) per amplifier.
    The bottom of this speaker has (3) pieces of wood arranged like a horseshoe, open at the back. The spike placement is one in the center front, and one at the rear, on each side.

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