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Thread: Mic Recomendation

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    What if the the two ASIO devices were in sync with wordclock generated from one device to the other ASIO device? I realize none of the usb mics have WC in/out. But I may buy a new MCH DAC that has a WC input and I was wondering whether I could slave it to the word clock generated by the Lynx Hilo.

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    If using Audiolense you don't want a USB mic since Audiolense requires the same ASIO driver to be used for output/input for the best filter creation. I have an iSEMcon EMM-7101-CHTB but a EMM-7101-CSTB would work as well and is $206 USD. You also need the SMB to XLR cable (CX-BFXM-2m) which cost about $ 35.00. I had mine calibrated down to 5Hz by iSEMcon. Is is -.25 dB at 5 Hz.

    Yesterday I received an Earthworks M30BX which has its own built-in battery preamp. I haven't tried it out yet with Audiolense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonH50 View Post
    Aside: Nyal, did you find the Beyerdynamic a significant step up from the Behringer ECM8000? Other than a lower noise floor and a bit flatter from say 3k - 10k I did not find it worth 4x the price of the Behringer back when I was shopping around. Of course, with an M30 at home, neither of them appealed all that much to me at the time, and I had not stumbled on to REW and the inexpensive calibrated mics so readily available now.
    The calibration process introduces its own set of errors. The MM1 is a reliable, trustworthy mic that can be used with no cal file and is still reasonably accurate (plus / minus a few dB). I would not use any mic that has not been individually tested as part of an end of line QA process with a response curve available for the end user to validate that the mic is good. The Dayton EMM-6 would be preferable over the Behringer for that reason. I use M23 for sensitive tasks though that is basically flat out of the box. FWIW I've found the calibration files created by Dirac Live, DEQX, etc to sound a little better with a top notch mic.
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