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    Emm labs DA2 v2 upgrade

    Thanks for the link. However, it seems to describe Volume control on DV2 has equal sound performance with EMM Labs Reference Pre. What I wish to know is DV2 and the upgraded DA2 V2, would there be any difference?
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    Emm labs DA2 v2 upgrade

    Hi Yuen A, Have you compared DV2 to DA2 V2? Thanks.
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    My 2 channel experiment

    Jack, Do you still sell Valvet gears?
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    Totaldac Reference D1

    Hi Vincent, Thanks it will be without the cloth when listening. With the four amplification, d2-Four gives a lot of joy that I've never experienced before. Quite a genius work from you.
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    Totaldac Reference D1

    Thanks Vincent for this marvelous gem.
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    Totaldac Reference D1

    Totaldac, Trinity and Lampizator?
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    Totaldac Reference D1

    hi, what ground cables are you using? And on which connector of Totaldac are you connecting to the ground box? Thanks.
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    For sale: JCAT USB Card non Femto version

    For sale a JCAT USB Card, the latest version before Femto it's working perfectly and in mint condition. Price is 330 USD no extra paypal fee please submit your address for shipping quote.
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    The ***Unofficial*** Multichannel DAC Thread

    24bit/96kHz/3 channel is upsampled to DSD by HQPlayer Have no idea if this is the world premiere!! I've been talking to exD Audio about a multichannel DDC and with his research and effort, it is just released and tested in my system. I am using a windows server 2012 R2 in core mode with AO...
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    For Sale: dCS Elgar Plus more info can be found in this thread
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    For Sale: dCS Elgar Plus

    dCS Elgar Plus in good condition. No marks, scratches. Latest firmware V4.42. With original box and manual and remote. 110V. It can play DSD via 1394 if you have Purcell. Or you can use exD USB DDC to play 24/176.4, 24/192, DSD(via SDIF, not SPDIF) Now I'm using exD USB DDC with windows...
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    New BADA DAC; DSD Debunked?

    hello DJ, I've been following your posts since you've added totaldac into your system and knew you sold them and went to Acourate with HILO. I'm also interested in Acourate and a big fan of DSD. What do you mean by doing DSD with Acourate? Wouldn't DSD be changed into PCM when undergoing...
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    The ***Unofficial*** Multichannel DAC Thread

    You can see in this clip that Dop is received by exD USB-SDIF converter and DSD is transmitted via two BNC to mytek master version. DCC2 SE also has SDIF input to accept DSD from exD converter. And I am discussing with exD designer about a MCH version to make DAC8 MKIV play MCH DSD from computer.
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    The ***Unofficial*** Multichannel DAC Thread

    edorr, Thanks for your advice. I've found both an used SWM3 and an Orpheus Two and still consider which is the better device. EMM Labs DAC8 is a 1 bit DSD DAC, while mytek, I have a master version, is a multi bit DAC. So, three mytek is not my target now.
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    The ***Unofficial*** Multichannel DAC Thread

    Thanks for all the suggestions you provide. I have narrowed my choice to Orpheus Two and EMM Switchman 3. The DAC would be EMM DAC8 MKIV, which only has XLR outputs. So maybe SWM3 would be a better choice. But I am also interested in Orpheus, which had rave review in MCH pre. BTW, Is there a...

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