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We would like to welcome Basile Theodoropoulos, CEO of Locrian Audio as a new sponsor to the forum. Some words from Basile: Locrian Audio was founded in April 2023 and is a specialized dealer based in Dallas focused in assembling "end-game" audio systems. We established Locrian Audio to present another view of high end audio with components not readily available in the US market, where we allow space for experimentation, comparisons in a controlled environment without the pressure of sales people.

We gravitate around open baffle and omnidirectional speakers and electronics with strong dynamics and natural sound. We would love to listen with you to your favorite music in our systems (you can also bring your own components) and get the pleasure of a new listening experience. We are the US distributor for German Physiks Omnidirectional loudspeakers and IO Sound Design open baffle speakers. amongst other high end audio electronics.


German Physiks
Basile is a special fan of the Unicorn Mk II, which is horn-loaded and single driver speaker. The unconventional look of this loudspeaker belies its unique design and its ability to provide an outstandingly natural and realistic recreation of a musical performance. It uses a single carbon fibre DDD driver to cover the frequency range from 40Hz to 24kHz, providing a degree of coherence that cannot be matched by conventional multi-driver designs.


IO Design
I listened to IO Naked 3 years ago when it was still a prototype, and I knew immediately it was special. IO loudspeakers are designed and manufactured by a multidisciplinary team of audiophiles employed in aerospace and materials engineering, precision CNC machining, as craftsmen and in audio design. A strong team bonded by the passion of perfection in audio reproduction, open to new ideas, experimentation and a deep commitment to achieve their vision. In their pursuit for their ideal speaker, they went beyond the realm of traditional audio design and were forced to think out of the box. They did just that, and… took the box out! 


Furthermore, we are dealers for Ypsilon Electronics vacuum tube and hybrid amplification products, Accuphase, the digital line from EMM Labs, Shelter Cartridges and Tri-Planar tonearms. We have available for audition multiple loudspeakers from German Physiks, most of the Ypsilon Electronics products and key digital components from EMM Labs and Accuphase, including the C-47 phono and AC-6 MC cartridge.


AMPLIFICATION: Accuphase, Ypsilon, EMM Labs Analog
TURNTABLES: Reed TONE ARMS: Tri-Planar, Reed, Ikeda CARTRIDGES: Shelter, Air Tight, Accuphase PHONO: Accuphase, Ypsilon. SUT: Ypsilon, Ikeda, Shelter Digital
CD TRANSPORT: Accuphase (includes SACD) CD PLAYERS: Accuphase, Ypsilon
DAC: Accuphase, EMM Labs, Ypsilon STREAMER: EMM Labs
LOUDSPEAKERS: German Physiks, IO Design

IO Design: Open Baffle Speakers
German Physiks at Dallas hifi show

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