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We are Qualio Audio and we would like to present, in our humble opinion, an amazing speaker - the IQ.

Some years ago we founded Cube Audio - www.cubeaudio.eu

Cube Audio makes some of the best full range single driver speakers available today. Full range single driver speakers can sound absolutely fantastic, but they require a very specialized system, typically using flee power tube amplifiers. Not resting on our laurels, we decided we also wanted to give owners of more powerful amplifiers a fresh new option for the most amazing sound.


Enter Qualio Audio!

Qualio Audio IQ speaker is our first 3-way speakers and it is quite unique. It has a semi-open baffle to begin with. It has a Mundorf AMT tweeter and SB Acoustic Satori midrange housed in an acrylic open baffle, resulting in an amazingly open and holographic sound. The 9.5-inch woofer is housed in a ported design and delivers deep and fast bass down to below 30 Hz. Only high quality parts are used, such as the Mundorf tweeter, capacitors and resistors, Jantzen coils, SB Acoustic top driver from the Satori line and WBT speaker terminals. The IQ speaker perform their best with amplifiers of class AB and D with at least 40W per channel.


Here's what Srajan Ebaen of 6moons.com wrote about the speakers in his review:

"A Lambo in a Honda Chassis. To put together the dream rig, I start with the speakers. Nothing in recent nor fainter memory stands as tall as the €5,500/pr Qualio IQ, sold in direct sales."




Qualio Audio: IQ speaker!
Qualio Audio: Munich 2023

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