Ypsilon vs Aries Cerat pre-power

Ok guys after my audition of Aries Cerat separates on Thiel CS 3.7 i can now say the AC outperform the Ypsilon separates that i already demoed at home.
The AC amps has all the refinement of Ypsilon + a much richer sound and more resolving solid bass.
The Impera ll + Concero 65 are now in first place on my shortlist.
A battle of the Greeks?
I can confirm the Aries Cerat sound, richer, solid, body and weight. Simply less 'hi-fi' and more musical and realistic. I am looking forward to your next stage. Just get the Aries Cerat, it takes away the hassle of buying and selling to get there LOL...
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Jun 18, 2011
Hong Kong
The sound is the truly wow part!
Hello Billy,
Please tell us more about your Achilleas ultimate statement six chassis tube power amplifiers.
They look gorgeous, and so should be the sound.
Many thanks!

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