Wilson Audio Maxx 3 arrived !


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Dec 26, 2010
Hi Birdwatcher,

What a fantastic set of electronics you own! I am an enormous admirer of Zanden electronics and Yamada San and his team. I have heard the 3000 and the 9600 Series 1 some years ago. Own the 4-box digital (obviously not amplification but an indication of the style/voice that Yamada San has). I also have been a 12 year consecutive owner of big Wilsons, first the Wilson X1/Grand SLAMMS and now the XLF.

The Maxx 3 is a sensational performer, and many found it difficult to look at the Alexandria 2 for so much more money when the Maxx 3 first replaced the Maxx 2 years ago. Speak with XV-1 here who owns it and drives it with both CJ monos and alternates with D'Agostinos.

From a voicing standpoint, I DO think for Baroque music, human voice, classical, the combination will be magic...and for wind and jazz. Absolute MAGIC. I have not heard the combination myself...but I intuitively feel this combination should really sing beautifully for that kind of music.

Where you may/may not seek a much more experienced and technical answer is in all-out power and bass. Think Hans Zimmer soundtracks with electronic deep bass layered into the music. The Zanden-Maxx 3 means the demands of the Maxx 3 may [emphasize "may"] strain the 9600 monos. That said, I have heard the Series 2 (which you own) has come a long, long way since the much older Series 1 in this regard. In which case, your Series 2 9600 may fly through the bass/all-out-dynamic power issue flawlessly.

Even if it does not (we have loads of power on tap and admit I dont truly use it), if you dont use it that kind of volume/power...you may find the combination on ALL music is pure magic. I certainly could see that happening. Some people listen at 85-90db regularly...with instantaneous peaks much higher than that. We do not.

Personally, I think for starters, the Maxx 3/Zanden amp combination is a sensational ly promising one I would personally love to hear. Hope that helps until you can find someone who has actually lived with this combination.

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