Why does equipment at shows sound inferior.


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Feb 3, 2019
Reading the Munich thread, many noted how bad rooms sound. I constantly hear the excuse, its the room. But what really is it. I do whole heartedly agree the power in rooms is less than optimum. I don't remember doing a tenant improvement on a hotel as an electrician. My assumption is there is a dedicated circuit per room that is on a 12 awg wire. That is not bad. But its far from optimum.
What about the room itself. Its an average sized room with drywall on the walls and ceiling. Carpet on the floor. Not much different than the average room in a home, audiophile place their stereo. So why do the vast majority of people say a show is not the place to assess equipment? Its similar to the space they will use it at home.

So why do so many systems sound, not so good, in an environment that is similar to where the system would be installed in a home.
Does this mean the equipment itself really doesn't sound that good?
Does it mean the equipment is designed to only work in an environment few people possess?
Does it even matter? Are the vast majority of high $$ systems bough by people that don't care what is sounds like. Unless they have a quiet room to the side their spouse does not care about. But is that room then very similar to what is in the show hotel. So what are you getting.
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Rex there are many reasons why
Some claim power and WiFi
well yea but why are some just good all the time every show And location
can’t be just this
digital is tough at shows not just WiFi or power
Warm up settle down a host of reasons
reboot or leave on it’s a crap shoot
but if I’m asked it’s the following
who owns the room ? Is it shared
let’s say it’s others room with some of your stuff
that’s analog sucks or there server sucks
Your stuck in a show of shit
then add setup look at Aires cerate
a huge room some crazy looking setup
well that guy makes great stuff I am
but that’s the room he got and for what ever reason not his own amps lol.
Not many people can own it all
Not many know how to set things up in a few hours or day cold start up
I would love to have videos at start up wow the looks lol.
who really does know how it works best can hear it and know what direction to go at
you have gone to many homes and shows
have you ever been to a home and feel wtf is Wrong here
And that’s asking for a power cord to fix it lol
it’s amazing any rooms are great
lastly who knows how it should sound this is the elephant in the room and very few see it
Including me.
We love our own and chose this first and look for a better of our own
last weeks mistakes trying to fix this week.
I’m not I embarrassed to say I only know what I like
but yet I can hear plenty that is wrong
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everything. matters. and nothing is optimized. and gear is many times thrown together based more on budgets and relationships than careful synergy. and aesthetics/signage matter more than perfect set up. rooms are planned to have an image.

including/especially gear has been shipped within 24-72 hours before customers are listening.

i recall last year when i installed my Massif racks. and this was just the sources. and none of my gear left my room. but it was unlistenable for the first couple of hours, and it took a few days to a week for it to settle down. if all of it had been shipped i can only imagine. and this is a room with the power grid 100% sorted, the acoustics 100% sorted, i never moved my speakers or amps.

and my gear it absolutely dialed in and ultra synergistic.

then add all the noise, and everyone is just passing thru, and there is never any relaxed time to kick back and let the music come to you, it's always with your critical ear. left brain all the way. something has to really grab you. and then there is the long odds of the music choices playing touching you emotionally. so many things have to come together.
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