Which tube ampli for Tannoy Canterbury Se


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Aug 26, 2020
Good morning WBF friends

I am happily using my Jeff Rowland Coherence II / 2 preamp and a Jeff Rowland Model 8 TiHC to drive my Tannoy Canterbury SE (Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and power cables plus two pairs of: Duelund GA12 low and Double Duelund GA16 high). The sound is very transparent, dynamic and musical, now I would also like to try an integrated tube amplifier or a pre / amplifier solution (stereo) - amplifier (mono)
I was also evaluating 2 pairs of Luxman mQ 88uc stereo amplifiers bi-amp, 20watt ,,,,,,,,

What are your experiences? What power should I look for? What benefits should I expect from sound?

Thanks for letting me know your ideas ...

To further complete the whole scenario, I'll add the following data:
- my listening room is 12 meters long and 6.30 meters wide. The Tannoys are located on the side of 6.30 meters positioned at 1.20 meters from the back wall and approx. 1mt (each) from the side walls. 3mt between the two speakers and I listen to them at a distance of 4 / 5mt leaving 5 / 6mt behind my back. The room is very moderately threaded.
- I mainly use my Garrard 401 as a spinner for my LP collection; a Sony SCD1 for my CD collection and a Lumin T2 for streaming ...
- I mainly listen to 60% of jazz, 20% of classical music and the remaining 20% of other musical genres.

Thank you,
The upcoming Allnic T2000 30th Anniversary KT170 push pull integrated, The new KT170 tube is a force to be reckoned with, much lower colouration and control than the KT150.

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