Weiss Jason + Medea(+)

Aug 11, 2012
Hello Everybody

Can you tell me how a combo Jason + Medea(+) sounds ?

And particularly VS a combo MSB Technology I listened and enjoyed ... (it was a MSB DAC IV Signature + Femtoclock with Transport MSB UMT).
I think these 2 combo are quite in the sames prices ...


Apr 5, 2012
I am not familiar with the Jason transport or the MSB DAC, I own the Medea+ myself and have lived with the original Medea for some time so I am very familiar with the Medea(+) on it's own in context of a music server setup.

Let us know if you audition both units side by side, would be interesting to hear your take on the comparative sound of the two units. I can tell you the resolving power of the Medea surprises me almost on a daily basis!
Aug 11, 2012
Thanks for this message.
If i can compare Weiss combo VS MSB combo, I'll tell you here ...

How do you use your Medea+ as server ?
with MAN 301 ?

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