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From the simple to the so full of features they begin to resemble Civilization

Orcs Must Die is the latest, launched last fall for the PC and now available on XBox Live

Why it's fun: Most tower defense games are not "active" - i.e. you place towers, build them up etc. and they defend against waves of invaders. Then you have a respite and you upgrade your towers or build more. In this one, you play a knight that's protecting his castle against invaders - Orcs & other nasties. The character has weapons and you place and upgrade traps. There are also objects that you can use as a weapon... like large chandeliers - shoot and arrow right and they come crashing down. Head shots are also possible.

Full price $19.95, often found on sale on Steam and now also on Origin. Additional content packs have since been released.

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Dungeon Defenders is another highly rated game within the Genre and debuted last year. Available on PSN and XBoxLive - it's a faster paced game than Orcs Must Die - only because you can play all four different characters at once (or multiplayer). Which also means - a LOT more invaders.

The Story: The kids have been left home while their parents are out which means when nasties invade their castle, they have to defend it. The characters are your standard fantasy - magic user, ranger, fighter, paladin - in game, Apprentice, Huntress, Monk, Squire. The action happens in doors and the kids booby trap doorways, hallways, etc. and also engage in direct combat.

Being on the console networks also means there are online games to play either cooperatively or in challenge modes against other people. i.e. you play either invader or defender.

Graphics are cartoony in a kiddy style. Lots of colors, lots of bangs, etc. etc.


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The one I'm hooked on now... Spice Bandits - on my iPad. It's an online game - You can play offline but must go online to get updates / level up. With online play, of course comes multi-player. Playing with and against your friends and random people on the net.

Why it's fun. Lots of maps and lots of game modes. Lots of weapon and weapon improvement paths. I just have to stop letting my nephew spend all the spice I earn if I want to be serious about my weapon paths... and not spend money to buy the currency. :p

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