The Time Has Come .....I've gone solar


May 2, 2014
They are all 3 blades , I can hear only one which is approx 800 m from the house and only with strong winds leeward side, mainly outdoor. All those with the distance above 1 -1,2 km do not disturb us. Now the regulation changes in Poland and all new wind farms will keep the distance of 10 times the height of the wind turbine.

Moreover the strongest winds come in the winter and having 3 layers glass in windows we are just fine , in the summer we do not hear them, even windows open, the nights are quiet.
Finally I prefer a bit of noise instead of smoke from the chimney.
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Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Thank you for the reply.

One of my brothers with his citizens neighbors have been fighting for over twelve years because of wind turbines on their land. They are still actively fighting. They are doctors, lawyers, professional citizens from various high social status.
I could write few books but I won't.

Anyway the closest one they can ear it @ night during summertime with the window in their bedroom open. He can see a dozen or more of them. It goes without saying that they are not attractively friendly with the beautiful surroundings they live in...nice forests, mountains, postcards type.

Their homes have lost over a third of their real value. If you sell you lose, if you move you lose, if you stay you lose. If you are rich and that you love nature you move; they are not rich, and all the family and friends (tons of them) they are all living nearby...tight familles.

You can't fight a multi-billion Spanish company who make a deal with your own government.
They were promised jobs, ...all lies.
Money first, people's health last. The low frequencies are also affecting people living the closest to them. Some folks were slightly compensated financially, if the turbines are right on their properties, or they had to sell parcels of lands. The money is not worth it in comparison to your physical and mental health. It's a devil deal type of. C'est la vie.

Solar panels are quiet, I like it more.

* Nice lake where you live.
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