The HI FI show in Anahiem, T.H.E. SHOW


May 7, 2010
Marina del Rey, CA
I liked the Irvine Hotel location too.

Bob Levi told me very simply that the owner of the Hotel Irvine had no interest in hosting the event again. So whatever the cause of bickering between the competing factions under no circumstances was an audio show going to be held again at the Hotel Irvine.
Yeah, it's not going to be in Irvine again. I wonder if they could find a suitable hotel in Long Beach as its a less expensive area.

Part of the problem is that most hotels don't allow a show like this or would be very, very expensive for exhibitors - this is why shows are primarily done at Airports. In this case, you had a newly refurbished hotel which made it more palatable to the show's organizers.

I also think sound will be better next year (although honestly, it improved vastly over the weekend) - people forget exhibitors had been renting the same rooms for several years at the Hotel Irvine. There also was no press day this year for some reason, so some rooms were basically experiments on Friday.


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Jul 8, 2011
San Diego, CA

Don't expect the rooms to be any better next year, if they stick with the Sheraton.
There were only 2 shows at the Hotel Irvine, and we did both years. I don't recall the same amount of trouble with the rooms as we had this year at the Sheraton.
For the first year, we got a huge Avantgarde Duo Mezzo singing in a hotel room, with far less bass bloat that we had to deal with in the Sheraton...
Oh, and I do agree Long Beach would be great!


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May 15, 2010
Like I said, you could do it without driving, Ruth Chris on the same block.

Was up in Anaheim, recently, for an Audio Precision seminar and dined at Ruth's Chris -- nice interior, very good cocktails, and cuisine.

Ron Resnick

Site Co-Owner, Administrator
Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
Good! A second Los Angeles show is misguided.

Steve Williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator
Good! A second Los Angeles show is misguided.

You're probably correct. Having said that however I thought the LAAS in June was a bust for vendors. It was poorly attended.

We've been down this discussion though.
Feb 15, 2017
Burbank, California
I was prepared to go and even drew a cartoon for the event. I'll post it anyway later in the month. I agree with Ron and Steve that two shows would be over-kill when the attendance doesn't seem to even support one. Kind of sad.


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Dec 12, 2010
Reno, NV
Attendance at THE Show prior to the split was excellent, and the sound at Hotel Irvine was generally quite good.

Leif S

Industry Expert
Feb 14, 2015
I can say that having done The Newport Show from the very first show, the first 2 years we felt had descent attendance and each year after seemed to be a decline. This show has always had elevated numbers. If someone attended for all three days, they were counted 3 times. As far as the L.A. show, I felt we had more attendance than the previous years. But we were also on a ballroom floor and can't speak for the attendance on the upper level floors. Last year at the hotel Irvine we were on the 10th floor and attendance was awful. From my conversations with other manufacturers it looks like many of them are not going to participate at CES this time.
Sep 6, 2013
Like I've said before - combine both shows in Long Beach and it would be great. If they continue down this stupid path, I suspect both shows will disappear for the interim.
The LA Show will be back next year. They're off to a good start.

As for the Anaheim Show, they're in trouble now. May not be back.
2018 will tell for them.

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