Superlative Studer precision guidance tape transports? (A80 and A820 TBO)

Fred Thal

[Industry Expert]
Jul 15, 2016
> understand the perspective (rightly or wrongly) of this person is that he sees that the transport is superlative

Superlative? Maybe when it left the factory over 30 years ago, Mike.

But TBO (time before overhaul) is eight years for the A80 and A820.

When people doubt that the FM and AM distortion originating from tape transports matters all that much to sound quality, we bring out the Altair Tape Transport Diagnostic System and let them listen to the demodulated output.

Comparing a 35 year old A80 to a new ATAE Model Two is pretty revealing, to say the least.

For a real eye-opening experience into the distortion added by tape transports, measure the consumer and prosumer tape machines with the Altair.