Sophia Electric EL34-ST


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Feb 15, 2023
I have an LTA Z40+ intigrated amp. It came with upgraded NOS Mullard El34s (xf2) in place of standard KT77s. I bought it used. Original owner swapped signal tubes but not power tubes and I did the same. I have tried SE 274Bs and so I was curious about all the hypes on The El34s. I really found it hard believe they would be better than NOS Mullards. However, despite LTA's claims of how easy their amps are on tubes I really didn't know where my tubes are in life span. So I got a quad...

Well ya... The hype is real. Pretty much better in every way. Stage, air, resolution, timbre, transperancy, highs mids, lows... Just better. It's not really voiced different. It's doesn't sound different, just better. Right out of the box I thought the bass was lacking. That came back. Not lacking. But stage is better, more definition/seperation, more real... And air/decay... It's almost artificial with how much more.

In Mullards defense, I don't actually know where they are. They might be wore out. But I really can't believe new NOS Mullards would be better still. I'm tempted to send off to tester to find out. And I was told signal tubes are more important than powers for changing sound. But yes, they are definitely staying and they are a clear upgrade to me. Pretty happy at this point.
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