Skylanders - toy based, cross-platform RPG


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If you have kids the right age, you've probably heard about this game. The tech in this game / toy stores character data in the figurine and allows your kid to take his characters to a friend's house and play his characters there, with his friend in multi-player mode and it doesn't matter if he has an XBox360, Playstation3 or Wii.

Here is the review on Ars Technica which goes into detail. I only wrote about it briefly for a magazine.

It's heck-of-a-neat idea, the toy components are well made and the game is fun if you enjoy RPGs.


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Apr 20, 2010
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We have about 20 of the characters! The nice thing about collecting the new characters is the cost. New Wii games are typically $30-40, while each figurine (containing a new amount of game play) is about $7.50. So, you get 4-5 new guys for the price of one new Wii game! The kids love it.


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