Shipped an interesting unit today

A couple of months ago I got a phone call from an existing customer. Went something like this :

"Hey Nick, I'm sitting on the beach in Mexico and thinking about audio"

So instantly i'm thinking, crank call, but I recognized the voice so I kept talking.:)

"How about we build a phono pre with metering but we also incorporate something like the functionality of a phase meter to assist with cartridge setup"

I could do metering with Left / Right channels and have it switchable to Sum and Difference information. This way, with the help of a suitable test record you could fine tune azimuth - I said without thinking (congenital defect)

"Cool, Lets do it"

It WAS a great idea and after a lot of work building the circuitry around the metering. The photos below are the result. This phono stage has 1 Stereo MC input( Adjustable load / 70db total gain), 1 Mono MC input and one MM input (10K ohms/52db)

it has a switchable 20HZ IEC Rumble filter , Adjustable gain on the stereo MC and adjustable VU metering 0/+4

I have been working on a evolution of the MC head amplifier and this circuit change has been implemented in this unit. Results in an even lower noise floor, better dynamics and lower distortion.

Pic 1.JPG Pic 2.JPG Pic 3.JPG Pic 4.JPG
Aug 6, 2012
Milford, Michigan
Will you be showing this unit a Larry's Paragon event on the 21st? It looks great.

Thanks, How are the knees doing?

this is a short video - the unit was not fully finished and you can see the upper chassis isolators. Cookies for anyone who can id the music


The owner has very graciously allowed us to use this unit at the Paragon Sight and Sound Event Nov 20. WE will be demonstrating the preamp with a Brinkmann Turntable with 2 arms one of them with a Mono cartridge as well as using the unit's flexibility to demonstrate the new Transparent Audio Phono cable with a differential network.

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