Robert Harley on "How to Choose Loudspeakers"


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May 29, 2018
Who are we trying to help here and how are we helping them?

I can shop for a new car in a certain price point and the choices are staggeringly good and very varied. The same is true for a Swiss watch. In speakers line arrays, dipoles of electrostatic magnetostatic, ribbon type - cones and domes with paper, ceramic, carbon drivers - horns, full range, field coils and others. Big brands, full-line brands, small bespoke makers etc.

I would rather hear from Members who have made mistakes choosing a loudspeakers based on one method or another and what they learned from that experience. We could then condense those experiences in a what NOT to do process and perhaps help more enthusiasts get it right out of the gate.

Finally, magazines, websites, YouTubers all have an agenda and are sources of information only. How good or bad the advice is as varied as it is debatable. The good news is no one person or group is being severely harmed by this information and in most cases it light reading and entertainment.

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