PMC fenestria, new Flagship speaker for the consumer market

Jan 11, 2011
South Bend IN

I like speakers that use out of the box thinking, but with some science to back it up. Will probably need some big mono blocks to power these with a sensitivity of 86db. Hope they bring a pair to AXPONA 2019, as the closet dealer to me is in Irvine CA.

"A three-way, ultra-high-resolution passive twin Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) loudspeaker, fenestria incorporates all-new, tailor-made drivers, twin Laminair vents for improved aerodynamic ATL airflow, plus a newly designed cabinet that houses the treble and mid-range units in an innovative and elegant reflection-free module. The result is at once aesthetically beautiful and highly engineered.

According to PMC, much of fenestria’s five-year design process has focussed on removing the unwanted distortion and coloration introduced by the loudspeaker itself, so that the listener hears nothing but music. For this reason, PMC refer to it as “the loudspeaker you’ll never hear.”

“fenestria is the perfect example of our holistic design approach,” explains Peter Thomas, PMC’s owner and chief designer. “Our aim was to make the best passive loudspeaker we could, with an open mind when it came to technologies and materials. We looked at all options to achieve the purest, most transparent sound, and fenestria was the result.”

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