Phasemation EA-1200


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Apr 25, 2014
About the weekend tests, Phasemation AE 1200 beat the Vandenhul Easily
Kronos Pro beat the Tech Das Air Force III
MSL Platinum is better obviously than Gold but the Gold is really good too
So the set up will be the next Kronos, MLS Platinum and Phasemation EA 1200
I got the recommendation of the Phono from Dynamic Sounds Associates, Phono III? Anyone have an opinion? \
As a plus we listen to Reel to reel to
Kronos is the one belt drive I woukd like to own…
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Feb 18, 2024
I finally got around to doing something with my old turntable in storage since the 80s, I am interested in the Phasemation phono setup. This is because the sound at Munich Hi-end is so good and their setup so simple, I find it difficult to leave their listening room year after year. ;-)
I am a bit technically lacking and I would like to get an MC pickup, likely pp200 or 300 but I don't understand if I need to get a step up transformer AND THEN a phono preamp or if the SUT is for something else like an MM regular phono preamp and the Phasemation preamp with the MC option is sufficient. For example, I read the specs for the EA 550 and it seems to have the SUT already incorporated. I googled the subject and found some stuff but I was not 100% sure I understood what I read.


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May 9, 2015
Cologne, Germany
According to the Phasemation homepage, you can find the following spec:

Phasemation EA-220
MM &MC, solid state

Phasemation EA-320
MM &MC, solid state

Phasemation EA-350
MM &MC, MM solid state, MC Solid state plus integrated T-320 SUT

Phasemation EA-550
MM &MC, MM solid state, MC Solid state plus integrated T-550 SUT

Phasemation EA-1200
MM &MC, MM Tube, MC Tube plus integrated T-1000 SUT

Phasemation EA-2000
MM &MC, MM Tube, MC Tube plus external T-2000 SUT

You can run your PP-200 or PP-300 on any of the above listed Phonostages without buying an external step up.

Some users do buy an external T-320 or T-550 to improve the sound quality of EA-220 and EA-320
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Jun 21, 2022
Has anyone here compared the Phasemation EA-1200 to Ear Yoshino 88PB or 912 (which have the same phono stage)?

I wonder if Phasemation would sound significantly better.

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