NEW ZenWave DSR UPOCC Silver Ribbon Interconnect Cable


Industry Expert
Nov 16, 2014
Shielding will reduce noise but it does add some capacitance, for most line level applications in homes using short runs shielding is not needed and the result is subjectively better without, with very consistent results in my testing. The default for line level cables is no shielding, but for phono cables it's standard. I have worked hard to come up with shielding that has as little impact as possible on sound as possible and minimizes capacitance.

On ICs the D5 is the warmest option, but you do give up some sharpness and resolution... not as much as a typical copper cable, and the gold warmth is more realistic... more like the warmth you get from a tube preamp and the D5 is very much like adding a tube preamp as far as results! D4 has just enough gold to make for proper tone and realistic timbre. DSR is pure silver but uses heavy gauge and ribbon wire to add some warmth, but not quite as much as the D4 or D5. It sounds like the D4 would work well for you, unless you really need a warmer cable, then D5 might be best. Send me a PM if you're interested in demo'ing any cables and thanks for being a ZenWave customer! :)

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