New Zellaton Reference Ultra series

Like all time, a speaker doesn't make sound for itself. Room, electronics, setup skills.... I am sure at Munich HE the Reference Ultra's will sound different with the typical YS Sound/Schnerzinger setup.
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I have the Zellaton "Plural" Evo's in my home system and have many choices of what I can use. I find them exceptional compared to many of the more broadly distributed brands in the US. Add to that the highest German craftsmanship and 100% prop[dietary driver technology. I am especially intrigued by the near full-range driver used, I believe, to 9khz in the two-way under $50k Emotion Evo's displayed at Axpona recently.
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I dug deeper into the Emotions at Axpona and found this capsule from Michael Lavorgnia. These are a must-audition if you have a smaller or moderate room, don't want behemoth loudspeakers, and are looking for a speaker with the best available coherence, resolution, and imaging. Gideon told me Zellaton will feature the new Reference speakers in Munich, which I am keen to hear! I plan on spending time at Audio Arts NYC in June to provide deeper insights into the Emotions of listening through our own WestminsterLab electronics and will file an update on this very promising addition to the Zellaton line.
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Thank you all for the comments and yes, we are launching the new Reference Ultra this week in Munich. Hope to meet you there for a little Kraftwerk ;)


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And thank you to Stereophile for selecting the Zellaton Emotion’s in their Axpona closing entry as “some the finest sounds” at the show. All from a modest 2 way…..



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