New SACD players from Luxman & Audia Flight at Munich High End 2022


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Jun 17, 2011
Hong Kong
IMO CD and SACD are not dead yet, at least in the far east.
There are two new sacd players debuted at the High End Munich 2022 :

1. Luxman D-07X


- Equipped with the original high-rigidity mechanism "LxDTM-i" that blocks external vibrations rigidly. Achieves signal reading accuracy close to that of D-10X.
- Optical digital, USB, and coaxial digital inputs. You can also play high-resolution files by connecting to a PC via USB. Music playback software "LUXMAN Audio Player" compatible with Windows / Mac is also being distributed free of charge.
- ROHM's "MUS-IC" series top-end DAC chip "BD34301EKV" is used in the DAC part in a dual mono configuration. It supports up to PCM 768kHz / 32bit and DSD 22.4MHz. When playing SACD / DSD files.
- Also has a full decoder function in MQA format, and supports high-resolution playback of MQA-CD in addition to playback of MQA files by connecting to a PC.
- Equipped with a high-precision, low-jitter, ultra-low phase noise clock module.

2. Audia Flight FLS20

This is a very very attractive top-loading design :

- Manually closable slot.
- Two Sabre ES9038Pro 32-bit DAC chips per channel.
- High-precision Crystek clocks.
- Ten low-interference voltage stabilizers aim to ensure stable conditions. In addition, there are four more of those for the fully balanced output stages.
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