Melco / Dela S10 Switch : more and more expensive audiophile switches!


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Jun 18, 2011
Hong Kong
Dela / Melco just announced a new top audiophile switch model : S10.
A limited edition.
With upgraded chassis and an external linear powersupply.
Looks nice and well-built but msrp is 600,000 yen (excluding tax)!

Melco Dela S10 Switch with ext LPS.jpg
Melco Dela S10 Switch with ext LPS a.png
Melco Dela S10 Switch with ext LPS interior.jpg

Anyway it's not as dear as the Ansuz flagship : D-TC Supreme Power Switch. :p


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Jun 20, 2020
Good find @CKKeung

600k Yen is approx 4.1k GBP. Ouch! :eek:

So reading the Google translate of the page it seems the toroidal linear PSU is the main factor behind the doubled price.

That and the ability to switch the LED off!

Did I miss anything else?

An S100 and a Farad Super3 or Paul Hynes SR4T would be around 2.6k GBP so that PSU better be great to justify the price.



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Apr 6, 2015
The S10 is already shipping... in fact I am listening to one right now although it was not really my intention.

The S100 was already better than the etheregen clocked by a cybershaft.

The S10 is more of everything. I’ll have to do more testing to figure out if the gains result from the router itself or from its dedicated LPS vs the Uptone.

This makes me question my plan of going towards Mutec+LPS+cybershaft over aes/ebu, as well as the relevance of the source. I may have found the perfect sound for my liking...

Ethernet: Sonore Optical module + Melco S10 + Shunyata Omega Ethernet
Still available at the moment but 50 units won't last longメルコシンクレッツ製-ネットワークスイッチ/dp/B08H7ZWFGN

All of the above would cost 660,000 yen with 10% sales tax, though this particular one should be only 600,000 yen (tax included)
Bundled LPS might be somewhat meaningless for we audiophiles here in Hong Kong, 220V→100V step-down transformers would defeat the whole purpose IMHO.

Simply get one of the best 3-rail LPS instead (3.3V / 1.5V / 1V) and stick with a modified S100 with ToTL 25 MHz OCXO clock

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