Machined Aluminum base for Rockport Cygnus


Mar 26, 2021
I have a pair of Rockport Cygnus and before I simply start experimenting with footers/vibration control I want to explore having a 1 inch aluminum plate machined to form outrigers for footers like virtually all higher end speakers are turning up with. I plan to ask Josh at Rockport once I have my questions organized, but has anyone gone down this road?
I was thinking that I can countersink the plate bottom with holes so that I can attach the plate from the bottom with shorter bolts to the original 4 footer holes. (maybe use some small dots of BLUETAC) With the plate an inch thick and solidly bolted to the speaker body, I can make it a three footer or four footer design, sweep support wings forward or backward and as far out as makes sense. I can also adjust the height of the plate, but at 6' 7" I am good with lifting the speaker an inch or more.
I envision something like what Rockport put on the Orion, but less sexy. I have no idea which design would be best, but I assume immitating the Orion design makes the most sense. I also don't know if the new base plate trend is based on sonic improvement or subtlely making tall speakers safer by spreading the support further out.
The second question is that once I control the shape and threads of the new aluminum base plate I can use any isolation device I choose, but which one? I know HiFiStay has support here. I fact, I was looking at their spikes into my new base and then their spikes resting in their footer bases. Gets pretty expensive, but may be worth it. I have used IsoAccoustics and Townshend, both of which made a nice contribution to my Sasha 2s at the time. My experience with those products leads me to think there may be lots to gain by trying isolation with the Rockports. If I could use 4 Townshend springs with the base it would be cheap.
Finally, I am aware that Stillpoints has the Ultra 7 designed for this family of speakers, but at 10K or so its a big investment. I know they have a trial, but compared to what. Better than the factory footers, or the best possible? It's a difficult thing to test! If anyone else wants to try this with me let me know. I'm sorry my brain thinks about this stuff!! I quit drinking about 6 years ago, so this is how things are now!!! Any help is appreciated!!
You can get spikes for your Cygnus. Todd and Gale at TSE have experience and believe it makes a huge difference. Josh knows about it. It can get “tippy” if you’re not careful. If you really want to go next level tape the threads after you are sure they are in perfect position. I would not advocate adding a plate. Too many variables and a much easier solution (replacing footers for spikes) exists. Hope this helps
Thanks, is TSE "The Stereo Exchange"? Too many varibles is right as I don't have the ability to proto type and test. Also thinking about using Townshend pods.

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