Lumin X1: Enabling an Even Simpler Yet Better Sounding System


WBF Technical Expert
May 19, 2010
Yes, the Lumin App provides a 1 to 100 range. At 5 it is whisper quiet, audible basically only in the room or just outside it with the door open. With extremely uncompressed quiet signals, I've occasionally needed 100 to get it really loud. On most material, about 64 will give me 83 - 85 dB at the listening seat, C-weighted slow on the Audio Tools app on my iPhone. On most material, somewhere between 72 and 82 is as loud as I'd ever want to listen. So, yes, there is a lot of granularity to the volume control and with the new Leedh DSP this is the cat's meow in terms of not losing any detail at lower volume settings and in all other ways of judging the sonic quality of a volume control. The Lumin control was already better sounding than the Benchmark HPA/LA4 (the prior champion in my experience) before Leedh and now it's even better.

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