Introducing foobar2000 setup assistant, turning your computer into a streamer with a single click

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Feb 28, 2011
Fidelizer - foobar2000 setup assistant

After releasing Fidelizer 8.10 for a while, I noticed something about computer audio setup. It’s not easy to setup computer as a streamer for most people. Even Roon or Audirvana need some configuration to use Tidal / Qobuz and can be quite complicated for end user.

foobar2000 is free easy to be downloaded and installed to use. But to get streaming working with foobar2000, most people don’t know how to setup. JRiver is good and affordable solution that supports DLNA/uPNP too. But most people don’t know how to set it up.

Meanwhile in Rasberry Pi and other arm devices have Linux distro pre-configured with streaming feature ready to be used. It’s actually easier for beginner to select firmware image and flash on micro SD card to boot.

After realizing this, I checked foobar2000’s license terms again and prepare a separated installer software outside original installer called “foobar2000_setup.exe” This program will perform silent installation of foobar2000 and setup components and configuration after installing.

With foobar2000 version 2.0, WASAPI exclusive audio output is implemented by default so you won’t need 3rd-party components to setup. That way, it’s possible to redistribute unmodified installer and apply configuration file separately with high audio performance optimized.

Since DLNA/uPNP and SACD input components have GPL license, I hope it’s okay to redistribute those files outside foobar2000 installer for community’s benefits. With foobar2000 setup assistant, you can turn PC into an uPNP streamer with a single click.

Download: Fidelizer – foobar2000 setup assistant

Recommended apps: BubbleuPNP, (Android), JPLAY (iOS), mConnect Player Lite (Android), mConnect Player Lite (iOS)
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