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Johnny Vinyl

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May 16, 2010
Calgary, AB
I just brought back a NM copy of an original Canadian pressing of DSOTM that I had in my Calgary stash and damn.....it has blown me away. It is so clear, dynamic and detailed as compared to later releases and reissues (not counting Mofi's et al). I probably paid no more than $7 for this when first released. I'm not sure if Canadian and American pressings used the same pressing plants, masters and stuff, but my Canadian copy is very good.

As music lovers we sometimes tend to dismiss US/CAN pressings and look towards EU/Japanese pressings as the Holy Grail, but not in this case IMO. If, and I mean IF, the non US/CAN pressing is better it won't be by much and certainly not worth a considerable extra cost. YMMV if you have a playback system that is much more revealing than mine, but for us on the lower end of the scale it's a pressing worth owning.

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