Genesis 900 subwoofer

Jan 20, 2014
I have a very nice set of vintage infinity irs beta speakers with completely refoamed subwoofers in my dedicated music room which i truly love.

I was able to get from a gentleman about 3 years ago another set of irs betas without the subwoofers and electronic crossover and the emims are in perfect condition. However i am using these in my small living room with a tube amp on top but need a good servo woofer. I cannot go for the genesis g-928 at present due to my present budget. There is a dealer in california who will offer me one g-900 with the 15" metal cone for a reasonable amount of $850.00 -

i have heard some problems with the servo-amp on some of the audio reviews in the web. However some have not had problems. Is this a feasable solution or am i taking real chances on the unit. This is a very reputable audiogoner. If anything ever goes wrong with the amp can this be repairable in the future?

This question should be posed to gary koh if possible.

Many thanks


WBF Technical Expert (Speakers & Audio Equipment)
Sep 6, 2010
Seattle, WA
The G900 is a real risk. As far as I know, no schematics exist for it. So, if anything goes wrong with the electronics, it is not repairable. As a 20 year old Class D amplifier I think the risk is too great that it will break soon. The control and logic circuitry would be the first to go, and those chips are unobtainium. Even if we could find the chips, we probably couldn't find a programmer to re-program them.

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