doshi 2.1 preamp phono stage- how good is it

Apr 2, 2013
guys how does the phono stage in the 2.1 preamp compare to the phono 2.1 stand alone phono preamp= I currently have the Wyetech Ruby pre and also curious how this compares to the Doshi preamp- thks


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May 11, 2015
I own the Doshi 2.1 phono separate and I think it is fantastic. I'd owned the ARC PH7 (with power supply upgrade) and Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe prior to it and the Doshi was far better than either of my previous in all sonic senses that I can think of... This isn't going to help in your Wyetech Ruby comparison much, but I do own the Doshi Alaap v2.1 pre and phono separates (JHor 90 monoblocks too). I haven't heard the 2.1 preamp combo but I had read previously from others who have compared the combo vs separates (I think it was on agon forum threads) that the phono separate extends the qualities a good bit more. I also own a Concert Fidelity CF-080 LSX2 (with v2.5 boards) and I prefer the Doshi pre. It has a similar quality of sound in the mids but a better soundstage, stronger bass/highs and separation.
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