Do 7.2ch resiver with 7.1-channel RCA input exist? I have tried looking.


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Mar 4, 2023
Hello, I'm useing my PCs mother board RCA audio output for 7.1ch surround sound. However I now have two SUBs, one 12inch SUB and a transducer (chair rumble pack). So i need to drive two active sub woofers with a 7.1ch signal.

current eqipment:
X570 Taichi RCA audio out( orange, blue, green, black RCA plugs)

PYLE PT7968T 7.1ch receiver

My setup was working till i justed adding another sub. I want boths subs working at the same time. Currently it's like the sub input signal is too weak. I can hear it but barely

I was thinking a 7.2ch resiver with 7.1-channel RCA input would work but i can't find one. Dose any of you audio wizards know of one? or and way I can drive both my subs?
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