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Apr 21, 2010
Near Atlanta, GA but not too near!
Anyone who likes submarine movies, I do.

But it's not in the league of Das Boot.
There is no tension, the acting is cardboard, and the action overboard.
It could have been very good, but there are simply too many things going on.
They went for the full enchilada, maximum impact without substance.
Gary Oldman was miscasted, in my opinion. And Gerard Butler is best @ roles on the streets, not under water, in my opinion again.

But for a popcorn flick with great bass intensity it fits the bill.
It's an action/comedy flick genre; the comedic aspect because you will understand if you see it.

Overall (film value only): 40

Last word (technical): For no-brain entertainment (visuals and auditory), give it a shot, it will satisfy your senses. The under water scenes (subs moving) are not realistic and are subdued.
The over the water scenes are clear, sharp and pretty. The audio; sound effects and dialog are clear and punchy. The music score is nothing to write home about.
All in all the technical merits are its best assets. Your subs will appreciate its bass energy, and your display will brighten with very clean visuals.
It's in Dolby Atmos.

Very last word: It's on the edge. If you are not sure go for it...you might find your own balance.
If you value your brain, forget it. If you value your home theater it will shake those strings with aplomb.
We all have different views. We thoroughly enjoyed it. And will most definitely view it again. But, as I have said more than once, I am pretty easily entertained !!

Four women without their husband; the poor guys got killed during a Chicago robbery that went wrong. Now the widows have to pay the consequences because when the poor husbands died they died with a $2 million debt. And that money is owed to someone serious. And that someone serious wants that money back from the widows now, now that the husbands are dead.

The film is directed by Steve McQueen and the music is from Hans Zimmer.
The cast is superb, even Robert Duvall is in it. The camera work and acting is in top shape.
Viola Davis is fantastic, and all the other actors are playing the game with a mature grip.

Widows is not a blockbuster film with non-stop action a la Black Panther style.
No, it's all in the chops performed by a first class cast with a razor sharp script.
It's not for children and for sensitive emotional viewers. It's not a romantic film a la Roméo et Juliette. It's an adult movie for adults.

It's not perfect, and that makes it good enough.

Overall (film only): 90

Technical merits ...
- Visuals, camera work, angles, locales, ... : 87
- Audition, music score, tunes, atmospheric ambiance, ... : 96

Last word: Give it a shot, from my best knowledge I think that you are all going to enjoy that flick...Widows. ...And the music too; led it roll the entire length, even during and to the end of the film rolling credits. It's an adult film for grownup adults...music and acting wise.

Oh I forgot to add this: If I would have said more it could have diminished somehow the other's overall movie expérience. Some films you simply don't want that, no, not with films like this one.

Tip: Just visit it as if nothing happened, as if you have read nothing.
...Only the title; Widows, and nothing else. It's for adults, brilliant.
Based on a "vanishing" true story (very loosely), you might have read about it, or not.

Flannan Isles Lighthouse

In December 1900 on an isolated island of Flannan Isles, Scotland, three lighthouse keepers vanished without trace. This a true story, it happened. But, nobody knows what exactly happened.
So here comes a film to entertain us, and entertain it does, but it's a bloody entertainment.
...Not for youngsters, not for family gatherings, not for sensitive men and women.
It's an adult film with blood and violence. Be advised.

There are few cinematic shots @ the beginning that I really liked. And it started like an interesting adventure, it captioned the interest and imagination. All good and peaceful and friendly and lovely so far. Remember, everything that happened later on is the film director's own imagination, nobody knows...but the most knowledgeable people came up with various theories, some more plausible than others. It's only from researching that you can form your own guess. That, I leave to the readers here, if they have any interest in it or not. Me, I certainly did, and I could write much more about it, not a book but an essay for certain.

Overall (film, acting, locales, interest, ...): 73
- Audio only: 75
- Visuals only: 76

Last word: If you can handle movie blood and some heavy violence (cords and knives and hands and sticks), what you have here are chatacter actors who perform their chops with . . . verve.
And the less you know the more you want to find out. It's a treacherous ride that'll keep you on your guards with many interesting stuff. Recommended.

It's not the blood, it's what's in the box. ...And the three lighthouse keepers, strong acting.


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Apr 20, 2014
Melbourne, Australia

That was an excellent performance from Rosamund Pike, her very best.

Another film based on a true story, and powerful @ that because it's about journalism that brings us what's happening in the fields of war, the zones of blood and destruction.

After watching this film you are going to investigate the real story on what and who it is based on, Marie Colvin. She was killed in Syria. This is probably the toughest job, be in a war zone and see people suffering all around you. ...Terrible, terrible, terrible.

The more you learn the more your access to the truth.

Overall (acting, film, ...): 76
Technical merits (music and camera): Perfectly adequate...73

Recommended, important. Not a job for the faint of heart, not a job for the merchants of lies.

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