Artnovion Myron E vs Vicoustic DC2 diffuser


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Oct 17, 2017
I have 2 Vicoustic DC2 for almost 2 years. They work very well in my room. Recently I bought 4 Artnovion Myron E. Visoutic DC2 is a 14x14, 196 squares Skyline type diffuers. Artnovion Myron E is a 10x10, 100 squares diffusers. Myron E squares are bigger than DC2, the squares have more bevel edges. The material used in Myron E looks better than DC2, Myron E material is firmer.

I have two DC2 in the front wall, about 4ft above the ground. By comparison, DC2 highlight the high frequency. Seems like DC2 diffuse high frequency only. Putting Myron E in these positions, midrange is more full body. I feel Myron E diffuse a broader frequency than DC2. Soundstage seems much bigger with DC2. Myron E are powerful diffusers. Placing them in front wall, sound is not natural. It is not a good idea to put them in front wall.

Put both diffusers at the side wall for comparison, behind loudspeakers and 4ft above ground. The sound characteristic doesn't change. With Myron E on the side wall, highs are smoother, more midrange body and wider soundstage.

Placing two DC2 in front wall and two Myron E at side wall work the best in my room. I will put the other two Myron E at the backwall, 4ft above ground.


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