APL Hi-Fi DSD-MR DAC and DNP-SR Streamer Review


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Apr 20, 2014
Nice review. I've heard the APL DTR-MR sacd transport & DSD-MR tube dac on several occasions, including with the Boulder 1100 series amps. They sound utterly natural, very resolving, dimensional and analogue-like. They are the most analogue-sounding digital products i've heard. And build quality is excellent. Paired with the Boulders, that was the best digital i've ever heard, and i've heard some of the best digital stacks in the world. Imho only MSB's top dacs are on the same level, but as a combo that is very hard to beat. So i'm surethe APL streamer will be equally impressive.

Al M.

Sep 10, 2013
Greater Boston
Well, for $ 45K it better be one of the best he's heard. When he says it's the DAC that reminds him most of vinyl and analog tape, I'm not sure if that's the comparison I'm most interested in. The question is rather, does it sound like real music, with live unamplified music being the only valid benchmark in my view.

Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
Alex Peychev is a good guy and talented digital designer.

back in 2006, when he visited my home, he was doing mods and adding his own ideas to existing products. i've not heard any of his designs for many years, but looks like he has some interesting products and i wish him the very best. if there is an APL product at Axpona i will be sure to take a listen.

i always appreciated his desire for an analog sort of character to the sound to his digital designs. back in those days this was a desired approach. now, a decade+ later, our expectations have risen. part of that is that the analog performance available to us has also risen to a higher level. less character, and more just music. i assume his views have also evolved similarly.

here is a (short) fun read of an old audiogon thread related to various listening sessions......with a few familiar names.....found while trying to recall the exact time of Alex's visit.

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Apr 27, 2014
Orchard Lake, MI
Mike if you are going to AXPONA why not meet up with our group for breakfast at 8am on main floor. Myles Astor, Andre Jennings, maybe Michael Fremer. We eat there every morning. Jeff

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