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Mar 21, 2011
-----Are you nuts! :eek: ;)

One, the XMC-1 is all vapor and without TacT for at least another 6 months to a year!
Plus Emotiva with their track record based on the previous surround processor, the UMC-1, is despicable at best!
Tons of incompatibility issues with HDMI and TV satellite and Cable boxes.
Plus the bass management is totally ineffective because it is not up to standard and therefore compromising the overall sound quality big time!
And the EmoQ Room correction & EQ system is a total mess! ...You cannot use it! It just ain't working properly and it's just a poor man's Graphic EQ! Whouahhhh! :eek:
...It'll make things much worst if you use it.
But it plays louder because Emotiva makes sure of that (the higher gain in all their components); so people believe they play better and nicer... You know..., the higher the volume level for a certain position on the Master knob control, the better sound quality people think it is .... That is only one of their various tactics.
[Do you know how the capacitor's banks are implemented and related to the main power supply from their amps? ...And their Voltage?]

Just forget Emo surround processors. But Mark, if he needs more power than what the
Onkyo TX-NR3010 can deliver (and I truly doubt that), he can buy a used 5-channel amp with much better clarity, detail, bass tightness, than the Emo amps.
And the price would be roughly the same.

Like he can get the Onkyo 818 (over 40 pounds), and mate it with a used 5-channel Rotel amp.
...ATI, NAD, Bryston, McIntosh, Sherwood Newcastle, Integra's own, etc.

The Onkyo TX-NR3010 is a much more reliable unit and with an excellent preamp section (high-end), high level of surround processing power, plus a truly powerful amp section (proven bench tests). The video section is state-of-the-art.
Audyssey top-of-the-line implementation (XT32, Dynamic & Volume, DSX, and Pro-Ready).
Dolby Volume, THX Loudness Plus. Two separate Subwoofer's calibration and EQ.
...And Streaming the entire WORLD! :b

...Tra-la-la all the best jazz music around; true, available, solidity, and no fooling around with words preachers and all type of world charlatans! :b
Why the sudden 180 on Emotiva, Bob? I thought you liked their amps?

I have some high hopes for the XMC-1. I have my 40% card in hand and intend to use it if it ends up panning out. If it doesn't live up to expectations, I'll sell my card and move on.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Why the sudden 180 on Emotiva, Bob? I thought you liked their amps?

I have some high hopes for the XMC-1. I have my 40% card in hand and intend to use it if it ends up panning out. If it doesn't live up to expectations, I'll sell my card and move on.

I still have my XPA-2 and XPA-5, but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.
I was missing a good soundstage, a black background, and an articulation of details.

I discovered a few things with time Matt, and the way the capacitors banks are implemented (less than ideal), lower voltage on their caps, not full use of the total microfarads capability, few vapor looks and not true performance of all the parts added together, also the high gain to give the impression of higher sound quality, and then the very weak RCA jacks, plus the lights display using less than ideal values of the resistors in the circuit with the amp (again, less than ideal, and prone to failures). There are good things: low prices (money value), but in accordance to the real cost (Internet based company), but that's about it.

The UMC-1 is just a joke (not working/implemented correctly, and never fixed), and the XMC-1 simply don't exist (only in people's own imagination; 2-channel demo from one specimen).
There are other things too Matt, but they deal with the integrity of people behind Emotiva, and their sudden turnaround in the disrespect and negative stamps towards intelligent people in our business.
A subject perhaps best discussed in another thread here. ...As there are so many other things that were and still done totally wrong from some of their 'gang'.
...Things that shouldn't happened, but they are still going on right now.
...Things that are hidden, disrespectful, unfair, and things that are lies, and simply not good for the audio community and overall advancement of humanity.
Simply put; just not a healthy environment at all.

Matt, don't get things wrong; no 180 here, just a normal progression, part of an intelligent evolution. And too many good friends are gone... Posts deleted because they don't preach their own philosophies. A forum that is falling apart, discussions not permitted outside their own 'religion' (business of making money). Good people with discontentment, desillusioned, and offended... The overall attitude is not good for the spirit, the moral, and the emotional level. There is a kind of disenchantment, a negative aura circling above, a false pretense, offensive undergound activities, and straight lies... I can't put any type of trust in this surrounding atmosphere.

We are humans and we evolve constantly; if we don't we are stuck and worth less than ducks.

Matt, that 40% discount card is just magic powder, to attract people, your business, your money; no more no less. Don't put your hopes higher than your own reality.
It is less than solid. ...They don't care about true ethics. ...I see lies almost every day!
The UMC-1 with true balanced sub output from its XLR connection!!! Are you kidding me!
...And the RCA sub output having a 6dB more gain over the XLR one!!! What!!! ...Should be the exact opposite!
And the ERC-2; be careful about burning down your own home!!! ...You read Neekos' experiences???
That's what happens when things are not done properly on a safety level (regulation).
Their goal is to make money, and for that they have to give up a lot of things, and these things are the ones that truly count at the end.
What's the real purpose of saving money, having heavy amplifiers, nice blue looking lights, nice looking internals, ...if the true implementation is lacking???
- You'll see, the XMC-1 (without TacT) is simply a rip-off! And if ever TacT is implemented in it, well you'd better make sure it works properly!

I used to be a porte-parole in their favor (intensively, because I used to believe in Value); but they turned their back on my friends and I. I give respect to people from their true value, not their lies over lies.

Everything I do, everything I say, is from my heart, and my heart only (with my knowledge and intelligence too).

In life we explore, we check things out, we try different avenues sometimes, we like big rewards for little money, ...we live life the way it is offered to us, and we make our own choices; we accept, or we don't. At the end we all work for our own land of happiness on this planet, with our friends and families.

We come alive (born), and we die. We learn, we get stronger, we swim in the same lake for years, until we discover a clearer lake; and it's up to us to build around that clearer lake or keep swimming in the one we already used to.

No 180, no 360, just from 0 to 90 up! There is a way to do things correctly, and it's up to each one of us to find that way.

Matt, I know you're a good man, a very good man; you asked me, I honestly responded to you. ...And without a single emoticon; but I am fully happy. ...Happy enough anyway to advance properly, with wisdom, with heart, and with my true soul. Here, right here, you can put a smiley; I'll do it myself, because it's my post. :b
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Apr 21, 2010
My Onkyo TX-NR3010 is still sitting in the factory sealed box. I hope to recover enough to be able to set this up soon. My new TV/equipment stand is still sitting in a sealed box in my garage as well. Ditto for the all new ICs and speaker cables I bought from Bluejean cables to rewire the system. I can't believe all of this gear has been sitting here for a month unopened.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
---Mark, first thing first; heal up properly. Then we'll talk 'bout your new toys. :b

* You know, I used to work in the bush for many years, and all my electronics were in storage.
Some of my friends were asking me; Bob you don't miss your stuff, your music? No because I was happy listening to the birds then. :D ...And besides I was always travelling (business contract's travels) with my guitar anyway.

...And you can still use your iPod for your MP3 music. ;)

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