pass labs


    Pass Labs XP-32

    Pass Labs XP-32 First Critical Listen Prior to my comments below I had white and pink noise going thru the XP-32 preamp with its balanced outputs loaded with 22K resistor loads for a week. I alternated the noise sources every other day. Hopefully this will help reduce the break-in time some...
  2. J

    ARC LS27 vs PASS XP20 into XA25

    I am wondering the difference in end results between a soft pitcher ARC LS27 and a serious SS the XP20 as Preamp choice into my PassLabs XA25? Anyone with experience to share will be gratefully received.
  3. O

    Happy Holidays from Me to Me.

    Back in September, I ordered an XP-12 and an XA30.8... they arrived today! I have attached a bunch of unboxing and set up pictures for your viewing pleasure (cat for the size of xp-12 box). The amps only have 1 hr on them right now but man oh man do they sound miles better than my old gear...
  4. Ron Resnick

    Visit to Boston to Hear the Sublime Sound of PeterA

    With Tinka away on a business trip I took the opportunity to visit PeterA, with whom I have developed over the last three years a close friendship via WBF posts, telephone calls and emails. Peter lives in a small, seaside town about one hour north of Boston. I’ve never been to the Boston area...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Pass Labs Amplifiers Versus Vitus Audio Amplifiers

    I heard this week in PeterA’s system his Pass Labs XA160.5 power amplifiers. I thought the amplifiers in Peter’s system sounded natural and dynamic and transparent and not dry or edgy or bright in any way. Vitus Audio amplifiers reportedly also sound relatively warm and not typically...
  6. BlackTT

    ARC or Pass Labs preamp for XA60.5 ?

    Hello everyone, I am buying used preamp for my XA60.5 and have two options at price about 8K€: Audio Research Reference 5SE or Pass Labs XP-30 Right now I have nice self made tube preamp, but would like to go fully balanced from my Marantz NA-11S1. Can you share some opinions-diferences...
  7. merrillaudio

    FS: Devialet D-Premier Integrated Amp, Wireless, Remote, Original Box. 2 yrs old

    Well known and many reviews on this from Stereophile and Positive Feedback. This was a trade-up for the Merrill Audio VERITAS Monoblocks so I am not able to answer questions on the sound or the configuration. It has the latest software done by another Devialet Owner in conjunction with Devialet...

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