Pass Labs Amplifiers Versus Vitus Audio Amplifiers

Ron Resnick

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Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
I heard this week in PeterA’s system his Pass Labs XA160.5 power amplifiers. I thought the amplifiers in Peter’s system sounded natural and dynamic and transparent and not dry or edgy or bright in any way.

Vitus Audio amplifiers reportedly also sound relatively warm and not typically solid-state. Both amplifier brands have a reputation for making solid-state amplifiers that tube amplifier aficionados often enjoy.

Has anyone compared directly Pass Labs power amplifiers to Vitus Audio power amplifiers?

Which models, exactly, did you compare directly?

What were the associated components in each system?

What were your sonic impressions of the Pass Labs amplifiers versus the Vitus Audio amplifiers?
Jun 8, 2014
Hi Ron.

Can’t comment upon pass labs. However I had vitus for about 7 years before getting my Absolare Set. Without denigrating vitus at all, I cannot understand the comments that vitus is warm and tube like. I switched from an SIA 025 to SM011 monos and the sound pushed me straight into valves. The class a integrated was sweeter. The monos were not. They were fast accurate and powerful. Ultimately the sound wore me down and valves were the answer.


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Jul 24, 2017
I've heard the SIA 025, SM011, and SS-103 in a familiar system - the SM011's are not up the the SIA or SS-103 IMO.

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