1. K

    Rossini + A5 + ? == “living inside HD800 headphones playing Kraftwerk through Bartok HP”

    I started another thread re new system but didn’t really specify exactly what I want to achieve. Already have the Rossini + clock and ordered the A5 so that’s set in stone along with wires. What I want is to feel like my room is a big pair of HD800 headphone. The only music I care about is...
  2. thomask

    Modern speakers vs Vintage speakers

    Yesterday the wedding of my son was done beautuflly in front of 100 guests. I dropped in some audio shops in Seoul, Korea today. 1. I listened to Magico A5 driven by Sim Audio integrated. The owner of shop mentioned that Octave vacuum amp fitted with KT150 is the best to drive A5, but not...
  3. B

    New Magico speaker arriving Dec, 2019

    Magico LLC posted this sneak peak of what appears to be a new A series speaker. I wonder what model designation they will give this speaker? Imho Alon should have named the A3 "A2", then this speaker could have been named the A3. Still, looks like this will become the 'poor' man's M3 :cool:
  4. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon at AXPONA 2019

    Gryphon Audio Designs will make a big splash at AXPONA this year. There is the world debut of a reference quality product which will be unveiled on Friday. There will be a 30 minute demo every hour, then the room will remain passive for the other 30 minutes. As there are only 20 seats for...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Visit to MadFloyd

    While I was visiting PeterA in Boston Peter set up a listening appointment with Ian (MadFloyd). Peter and I spent some time with Ian ourselves, and then the three of us went out for lunch, and then Al M joined us for lunch and the four of us went back to Ian’s for additional listening...
  6. Ron Resnick

    Visit to Boston to Hear the Sublime Sound of PeterA

    With Tinka away on a business trip I took the opportunity to visit PeterA, with whom I have developed over the last three years a close friendship via WBF posts, telephone calls and emails. Peter lives in a small, seaside town about one hour north of Boston. I’ve never been to the Boston area...
  7. audiodoctor

    Audio Doctor Open House to hear one of the best systems on the East Coast who would come!

    Hi guys, We are about to receive our Light Harmonic Davinci Dual DAC MK II back in our demo system, and so would like to see who might be interested in experiencing one really extraordinary setup comprised of some of the best and most affordable reference components out there: Our current...
  8. Ron Resnick

    Magico Loudspeakers -- Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    I have a confession to make at the outset: I have never cared much for the original versions of Magico loudspeakers. I found them dynamic and transparent and neutral and extended in the low frequencies and the high frequencies and very well-made --but I never felt that they sounded like live...
  9. Ron Resnick

    Magico Subwoofers

    1) Has anyone compared in a familiar system the sound of a Q-Sub or S-Sub to the competitors such as JL Audio Gotham or Velodyne DD-18+ or REL No. 25 or REL G1 or REL Studio III (available used but no longer in production) or Seaton Submersive or Seaton F18 or Paradigm Sub 2? 2) Can someone who...
  10. A

    Magico M Pro's New in Crates

    What may be the only pair left in USA, available for $129k from Authorized Dealer with Warranty. Contact Audio Revelation 760.434.2625 9-6pm, PST

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