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  1. Ron Resnick

    The Tannoy Westminster / PBN-DN308 Turntable / Audio Research System of Jimford

    Yesterday I heard for the first time the system of WBF member Jimford. Jim has Westminster Royal - Gold Reference loudspeakers. This is a giant 300 pound box loudspeaker with a dual concentric tweeter/15" woofer combination which is horn loaded. The speaker has a 99 dB/watt sensitivity...
  2. Vinylfan

    ARC and Luxman

    I'm considering changing out my amplifers and moving to a Luxman u900. It will be mated with an ARC ref 5se driving a pair of Vandersteen model 5a Carbons using the M5 high pass filters. Wondering if anyone has any experience with either the Luxman and ARC pre or the Luxman and Vandersteens...
  3. John57

    ARC LS27 vs PASS XP20 into XA25

    I am wondering the difference in end results between a soft pitcher ARC LS27 and a serious SS the XP20 as Preamp choice into my PassLabs XA25? Anyone with experience to share will be gratefully received.
  4. FS: Audio Research REFERENCE 75 amplifier

    FS: Audio Research REFERENCE 75 amplifier

    I'm selling my ARC REF75 amp (not SE version), asking $4250 (+ shipping). I am the original owner. The amp has KT150 tubes with ~1700 hours on them, and the original KT120 tubes (which have only ~100 hours on them.) I don't remember exactly the hours when I replaced the 6H30 tubes, but one was...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Don Saltzman’s TAS Review of ARC REF 750 SE

    In the January 2019 issue of The Absolute Sound Don Saltzman delivers what I think is a fantastically engaging, interesting and communicative review of the Audio Research Corporation REF 750 SE amplifier. In the review Don discusses the sonic benefits of seemingly “excess” amplifier power, and...
  6. Ron Resnick

    Visit to Alma Music and Audio

    Alma Music and Audio, in San Diego, California, owned by Alex Siufy and by Fabio Storelli, opened its doors in March of 2015. Moving recently from La Jolla Alma’s new location is twice the size of the old location, and includes a custom designed, acoustically-treated 30 foot long listening...
  7. Ron Resnick

    T.H.E. Show Newport 2018 Ron Report: Alma / YG / D'Agostino

    ALMA MUSIC & AUDIO / YG ACOUSTICS / DAN D’AGOSTINO The physically largest room at the show went to Alex of Alma Music and Audio, in San Diego, California. Alex put together a top-of-the-line flagship system headlined by the YG Acoustics Sonia XV Junior speakers ($189,600 per pair)...
  8. John57

    Audio Research CD9 vs Marantz SA10 - are there alternatives?

    Recently on a visit to Melbourne’s Carlton Audio I had the pleasure of listening to the Marantz SA10 and Audio Research CD9. There was a revelation when switching from the Marantz to the Audio Research. The phrase ‘lifting the veil’ applies. I was very surprised. Equally by the obvious coloring...
  9. Ron Resnick

    Visit to KeithR

    Yesterday I visited KeithR at his apartment in Marina Del Rey, California. I was all set to apologize to Keith for not being in the right frame of mind to write a friend’s audio system visit report, but Keith’s system was so good and so carefully put together and yet relatively simple, that I...
  10. U

    Next upgrade for 803D owner: Ref75 amp or Reference 5SE preamp?

    Hi, I currently have 803D with Audio Research VT100mkIII power amp and Reference 3 preamp. What upgrade would bring me best sound quality improvement for the money? A) change amp to Ref75/SE? And if so, will it drive my speakers well enough? B) change preamp to Ref5/SE? I love the Audio...
  11. P

    Which sigmas to buy for my Audio Research gear?

    My main system consists of an Audio Research Reference DAC and Reference 75. The source is a dedicated music server. I am considering the Sigma PCs. The Reference DAC is a line stage and DAC combined. Do I go for Analog or Digital? The Reference 75 is beautiful but quite modest in its...
  12. BlackTT

    ARC or Pass Labs preamp for XA60.5 ?

    Hello everyone, I am buying used preamp for my XA60.5 and have two options at price about 8K€: Audio Research Reference 5SE or Pass Labs XP-30 Right now I have nice self made tube preamp, but would like to go fully balanced from my Marantz NA-11S1. Can you share some opinions-diferences...
  13. Amado

    My Audio Research System

    Come and have a look of my 2ch Room

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